Painless Analytics

Painless Analytics™

Simplified web analytics

Revolutionary web analytics allowing you to focus on what matters most, your audience

Quickly identify SUCCESSFUL and POOR PERFORMING web pages

Identify the pages that are important to you and monitor how they perform. Insights gained help you determine the success of each page with data to help you improve your visitors' experience.

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Avoid SEO Harm

Caused by slow-loading pages.

Compliance by default

No Personal Identifiable Information stored.

No annoying cookie banners

No cookies or fingerprinting used.

Developers Welcome

RestFUL API access via oAuth2 access tokens.


Plans that align with your web analytics journey.



  • 500 visitors/day limit
  • Unique tracking URL
  • 1 hostname per site
  • Limited reporting
  • Limited API access
  • Limited email support

No credit card required!

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predictable pricing, no hidden fees


  • 5,000 visitors/day limit
  • Unique tracking URL
  • 3 hostnames per site
  • Full reporting
  • Limited API access
  • Email support

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Advanced Plans

starting at


  • No visitor limit
  • Unique tracking URL
  • 10+ hostnames per site
  • Full reporting
  • Full API access
  • Log file access
  • Export options
  • Tracking URL with your hostname
  • Priority support options
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Go over your limit? Reporting will be capped at your limit until you are comfortable with upgrading.

Why Painless Analytics?

Web analytics platforms are designed to display the data they have, using complicated grids paired with confusing charts and graphs. At Painless Analytics, we designed our user experience (UX) first, forcing us to develop new technology to meet those design requirements. The end result:

Innovative web analytics reporting using new technology!

Innovative reporting

We focus on core metrics starting with your Audience total. Additional insights can be drilled down organized by Context (how, what, and where), Performance, Activity, and Engagement.

Tracking tech

Our new tracking technology utilizes the latest best practices for privacy and performance in mind. Our lightweight, highly capable in-page event tracking code uses WebBeacon technology found in all modern web browsers.

Processing tech

We use our own proprietary technology to record, store and process WebBeacon data. Our intelligent log data processing platform allows us to stitch together page view information to report metrics with insights on performance and activity.

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