In 2022, a hole was discovered in the web analytics industry, you needed a marketing background to understand web analytics. Today that ends with Painless Analytics. Now anyone in just a couple minutes can understand the important metrics for their website without a marketing background.

Painless Analytics Goal

The primary company goal is to provide the web metrics that matter the most without any clutter. To achieve this, we took a fresh approach to web analytics reporting by designing the UI based on reporting only the most important information. As a result, Painless Analytics has developed new technology to track usage as well as process results while meeting todays latest privacy requirements.

We are here to make analytics better

Painless Analytics is not intended to replace other web analytics platforms. Though you can exclusively use Painless Analytics for all of your web analytics needs, you are more than welcome and encouraged to use other services as well. You may need to use Google Analytics if you are using Google Advertising.

Questions, Comments, Feedback?

Have questions, concerns? Feedback or feature requests? We’re listening, please CONTACT US, we love to hear your feedback.

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